SIEM Integration

A core tenet of the Snare design philosophy is to play well with others. Snare is installed around the world, on every continent, in most every country, on the ground, under the sea and in the air. We work with most every MSSP and SIEM on the market as well as home grown systems. Snare is the defacto logging platform to the point that the enriched Snare log format is a standard used by many Centralized Logging Platforms.

“Effective endpoint monitoring significantly improves the ability to detect threats within the enterprise. By joining with Snare and analyzing logs from the Snare Enterprise agent with our ActiveGuard platform, we have guaranteed and secure delivery, and are making it easier and more accessible for clients to monitor their Windows endpoints. We’ve provided Windows monitoring for quite some time now, but the customer will receive additional value and support from the seamless integration between our two organizations.” Don Gray, CSS NTT Security

Why Snare?

While we have been an industry founder and thought leader, Snare is recognized as being easy, fast, scalable and reliable. Snare provides the following technology enabled benefits to our partners and joint customers:

  • Reliable – Rock Solid Logging – Snare works.
  • Fast – deploy an enterprise logging platform on servers, desktops, BYOD’s Unix, Linux, Mac, SQL, flat files and the like in hours not months
  • No 3rd party Software required ensuring Snare is on the latest platforms and no introduced .Net, Java or other 3rd party vulnerabilities.
  • A single lightweight binary that covers all platforms and architectures.
  • Address a multitude of use cases including event data, file data, File Integrity Monitoring, File Activity Monitoring, Registry Integrity Monitoring, USB auditing and the like.
  • A mid-tier Log Forensics store with a 50:1 compression ratio
  • 24×7 built in failover and redundancy
  • Low impact – sipping on resources and reduced network demands
  • Independent Veracode certified code line.
  • A plug and play suite of products addressing the requirements of the most complex environments.
  • Faster Mean time to detection through noise reduction architecture including audit policy controls, source filtering and verbose truncation
  • Multi Port Protocol destination and configurations with all you favorite including, m UDP, TCP, over the wire TLS and the like.
  • Management console to set or dynamically configure your policies, performance and other parameters on schedule
  • Platform agnostic – leave Snare where it is and mix and match your SIEM

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